Kessler Axles

Kessler axles: spare parts and complete axles solutions.

Kessler + Co designs and manufactures heavy planetary axles for construction equipment, mobile cranes, harbour cranes, aircraft towing tractors, mining equipment, fire fighting vehicles, heavy fork lift trucks, container handling machines, communal vehicles and a variety of other special applications like amphibian vehicles.

With a sophisticated building block system and a complete range of standardised drive heads and hub ends Kessler + Co is able to provide cost efficient and flexible solutions also for speciality vehicles.

Kessler axles are mounted on following brands:

  • Demag
  • Faun
  • GHH
  • Kalmar
  • Linde
  • Mafi
  • Noell
  • Schopf
  • SMV
  • Svetruck
  • Terbeg
  • Terex
  • Boss
  • CVS
  • ECH
  • Fantuzzi
  • Ferrari-Belotti
  • Gkrupp
  • Gottwald
  • Grove
  • Jenbaucher
  • Liebherr
  • Locatelli
  • Luna
  • PPM
  • Sandvik
  • Sany
  • Schield Hauler
  • Valmet
  • ZV

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